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Startup Expo 2016: Entrepreneurial Festival & Awards

Expo 2015(2)

Startup Magazine proudly presents the 2nd Startup Expo, Pakistan’s largest Entrepreneurial Festival and Awards 2016. The event will be dedicated to upholding an entrepreneurial ecosystem for all upcoming startups emerging in the market.

Startup Expo is believed to be the biggest platform across the country that brings forward brilliant, young, entrepreneurial minds to put on display their products and market their ventures. The best 100 startups selected will be presented with this opportunity. The underlying aim is to foster the culture of entrepreneurship in order to boost economic prosperity in Pakistan.

There will be engaging coaching sessions, exclusive investor pitches and opportunities to collaborate for the participants and an exhilarating musical night for all those who make it to the event. Startups competing will also get shortlisted for the various award categories that will be announced in the Award Ceremony.

Exhibition Features

100 Startups

Presenting the top 100

The hub of all entrepreneurial activity that invites the 100 best startups emerging in the market that qualify to exhibit ideas, showcase entrepreneurial spirit and promote innovation.

Food Fiesta

Savor your taste buds

Bustling food stalls selling a wide assortment of food delicacies will be present to allow the attendees and participants to take a break and devour their appetites all during the day.

Coaching Session

Learn from the best

One on one coaching sessions for the startups with the ideas that inspire will be extended this opportunity to take back useful knowledge from our notable mentors.

Investor Pitches

Sell your idea, perfect your tone

Startups hand-picked by us will be granted the privilege to propose and pitch their business ideas to the jury. Doing so will allow them to get acquainted with this exercise and prep them for the future.


Partner up to grow

A medium created to allow all startups to interact and engage, in terms of mutual agreements and pooling resources to grow and expand across several industries.

Award Ceremony

Get your startup to win

The platform provided to all startups will not only encourage new ideas and innovation but will also recognize and award them accordingly in the set categories identified. It will aim to promote some positive competition in the event.


Enliven with music

To unwind at the end of the day, all participants and attendees will be invited to the musical night to freshen up and relax their nerves.