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Startup Expo 2016 Happening on 15th April


Startup Magazine, Pakistan’s first entrepreneurship magazine proudly announces the 2nd Startup Expo. The event will be dedicated to upholding an entrepreneurial ecosystem for all upcoming startups on the 15th and 16th of April 2016 at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad. Startup Expo is believed to be the biggest platform across the country that brings forward brilliant, young, entrepreneurial minds to put on display their products and market their ventures. For all those who have a knack for starting their own business and mingling with the industry, Startup Expo 2016 is worth your while so tag along.

The various features of the event include:

Startups Exhibition

The hub of all entrepreneurial activity that invites the 100 startups emerging in the market that qualify to exhibit ideas, demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and promote innovation.

Corporate Exhibition

A platform for all the corporate entities where they showcase their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers and examine market trends and opportunities.

Startup Conference

Engaging panel discussions and inspirational keynote speakers touching various aspects of the revival of the economy to encourage and promote local startups. Startups will not only be encouraged to present new ideas and innovation but their efforts will also be recognized and rewarded in the set categories identified to promote positive competition in the Award Ceremony.


Learning workshops on the art of social media strategies for the startups with the ideas that inspire will be extended this opportunity so they can take back useful knowledge and hone their skills.

Investor Pitches

Startups hand-picked by us will be granted the privilege to pitch ideas to the jury. Doing so will allow them to get acquainted with this exercise and prep them for the future.

Freelancers Meetup

An exclusive opportunity for all the freelancers out there to meet and network with the IT industry and a forum for them to learn and gain useful knowledge in the respective field.

Press Conference

Prominent and distinguished guests from the government will highlight the significance of entrepreneurship for the economy of Pakistan and the role that government plays in this development.

Food Festival

Bustling food stalls selling a wide assortment of food delicacies will be present for the attendees to take a break and devour their appetites all during the day. For the kids, several games and activities will be organized including soap soccer, magic show, costume characters, etc.


To unwind at the end of the day, all participants and attendees will be invited to an exhilarating live performance by Mustafa Zahid and Roxen.

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