9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad

Overnight Success – Is It Practical?

overnight success

We always expect good things in life, but we do not understand the basic principle, “nothing comes for free”. There is a price for everything you want to acquire, especially when it comes to success. Even an overnight success means 10-15 years of hard work, determination, perseverance, resilience and patience. At some point in life, you may decide to quit because things are not in the way you had planned. Here comes the concept of Faith. Faith means to believe in the unseen, to believe in the able circumstances and trusting in God that he will feed us, as He has already committed with us about the deliverance of Rizq (Income). But He also says, “A man only gets what he strives for”.

The life and times of Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi is the perfect example to understand the above mentioned concept. He lived for a purpose and he died while fulfilling it. The desire to help humanity kept him alive during and after his life. We only know about his life achievements and awards but we do not know through what circumstances he passed by. How many times he tried and how many times he failed and what made him so successful that people still remember and will continue to remember his name.

In this issue, we have tried giving a tribute to Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi, by inspiring our readers with his entrepreneurial capabilities and the hard times he passed by before becoming the social entrepreneur of the century.

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