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LUSH LIVING – 12 strategies to create a meaningful life

lush living

Each one of us craves for living a life filled with abundance, meaning and fulfillment. This life eludes the majority of us.
Yet, some of us actually dare to take all the right steps and grab the opportunity to live this ‘lush life’. Characterized by richness, significance, and self-actualization; ‘Lush Living’ is available to all of us.

Anyone who displays the essential ingredients of ‘lush living’ can experience this life each and every day. If committed, the following 12 strategies can take you closer to touch, feel and actually live this mega life.

1. Learn to dream
Without dreams people go blind

2. Learn to think
Thinking is the only way to grow your brainpower

3. Learn to love
Only love can beat fear

4. Learn to laugh
Laughter is a living proof of you being alive

5. Learn to forgive
Forgiving gives you ultimate freedom

6. Learn to thank 
Gratitude is the core of ample living

7. Learn to relax
Relaxation is the platform where mind and body synergize

8. Learn to change
Embracing change is the eventual key to happiness

9. Learn to listen
Listening is the surest path to wisdom

10. Learn to express
Expressing yourself is the supreme method to realize your full potential

11. Learn to share
Sharing your gifts manifests lasting abundance in your life

12. Learn to pray
Prayer is the your inescapable connection with the creator

Any of the above twelve paths can open at least one door of ‘lush living’ on you. It’s very difficult to retreat after tasting this unbelievable life. After experiencing the abundance of one path, you will feel the urge to do whatever it takes to experience the remaining paths. The ultimate abundant life will automatically dawn on you once you master the twelve paths. The beauty is that you don’t have to follow an exact sequence; you can start with any of those twelve paths. Each path will introduce you to a new level of ‘lush living’.
As you begin to enjoy this incredible life, don’t forget to inspire, persuade and empower others to experience similar level of ‘lush living’.