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Kaghaz Kay Karnamay deals in an exquisite range of paper goods, all recycled and made meticulously by hand.The papers and products produced at Kaghaz Kay Karnamay are all made using 100% post-consumer materials, including both paper and organic fibers. Rose petals, grass, sugarcane fibers, garlic, corn and orange peels are few of the different materials that are added to the products to bring out their lovely textures. The goods are tree free, hence both healthy and environment friendly.

Kaghaz is the brainchild of Naqsh Designer; an art and design company that was brought together by a group of young and dynamic individuals, all equipped with diverse set of skills and experience to meet an array of client needs. Naqsh was built on the philosophy of designs that leave their mark and have greater recall value.

Naqsh is dedicated to offering professional, affordable and high quality design solutions to its clients all over the world. Their expertise ranges from providing creative print media concepts to promotional electronic projects from different standpoints. Naqsh has developed its core values surrounding on the ideas of thinking outside the box, making an impression and leaving its mark.

The Inspiration:

We began operating in 2010 as a project of Naqsh Designer. It was built by a team of artists and designers. They work to create art in order to bring about socio economic change and re cast the idea of commercial design in a society where commercialization is the call of the day. Kaghaz Kay Karnamay was initiated as one such project aimed at enhancing social inclusion and economic sustainability by utilizing locally sourced materials.


The Idea:

We want Pakistan to use paper and papermaking in nurturing the vast human potential of its people to continually carry forward education and culture, which can in turn promote and sustain peace and prosperity in 21st-century Pakistan.

The Need:

Unfortunately, forests in Pakistan cover constitute only 4.8 % of total land against the international benchmark of 25 % and Pakistan must import more than 70% of its paper pulp supply to meet the demands for pulp and paper. With this in mind, Kaghaz Kay Karnamay was set up as papermaking facility to promote re-purposing of used paper, waste craft, fabric rags, agricultural residue and plant fibers to help with the development of Pakistan and its need for self-reliance in terms of paper and paper industry.

Potential for Economic Growth:

In a world where the emphasis is clearly shifting to environment-friendly products and production systems, the potential of Kaghaz Kay Karanamay working towards setting up the hand paper making industry in Pakistan cannot be ignored. For a developing country like Pakistan, faced with increasing shortages of natural raw materials, energy sources and capital, the development of this industry offers considerable potential to meet development objectives and respond to demand for both domestic and export products.

In the wake of modernization and rapid urban growth, consumers all over the world are keenly interested in using products made from natural fibers. Handmade paper meets the criteria and contributes positively in the advancement of sustainable economy and development.

If set up as an industry, hand paper making is bound to bring financial income and foreign exchange for economies, supply more and cheaper papers for local communities and possibly for other countries and regions. Handmade paper production has low capital investment, promoting local entrepreneurship, it generates more local employment; it is an environmentally sound technology, depleting less resources and causing less pollution than paper mill factories


Challenges for Growth:

Lack of awareness, cost factor, workspace, security concerns and politics.

Biggest Achievement as a Startup Owner:

Bringing Kaghaz Kay Karanamay into its physical and running form has been a feat on its own. The initiative has not only helped us conserve environmental resources but also provide employment to people from the unskilled and marginalized strata of society. Our hand papermaking setup is a good example of a sustainable model of development; it is eco-friendly and provides rural employment for both men and women.

The Team:

With Naqsh Designer and Kaghaz Kay Karnamay being poles apart ventures requiring two entirely different sets of people, it is the collective effort on part of our teams that have helped the two ventures come this far today.


Future Plans:

We plan to expand our website into an online portal where local and international markets can buy and sell paper based goods. At the moment, we offer artists working with paper an opportunity to showcase and sell their work through our website.

Word of Advice:

Starting up a business is very challenging and requires blood, sweat and tears but with passion and sheer determination there’s nothing better than being an entrepreneur or running your own business.