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From Dreaming to Succeeding


It is only when you have faith in yourself, faith in others and faith in your future, will you have hope. People who are hopeful, see dreams of a better tomorrow with their eyes open and make plans to convert their dreams into reality.

A life without a dream is insipid. Learn to dream with your eyes open. Make it a habit of documenting your dreams. Write with the intent to share your dreams with those close to you. Why? Imagine dying before documenting and sharing your dreams. Your dreams and what you stood for will also die with you. Your legacy will come to naught. You would have deprived the world of an idea that could have acquired potency in other hands, even after you were gone.

It is useful to remember that the act of writing anything down is the first step to making it happen. By so doing, you can live beyond your life, if what you lived for is known to your loved ones, who may carry on with your dream that inspired them in the first place. 12 Startup Mag 4thE Var 1-1-1 by shahzaman 16 Jan 2015 9V

Dream big. The arena of thoughts and ideas is boundless. Your physical self has limits, for example, you won’t grow any taller than x feet; your waistline may expand or contract through your efforts, but by how much? You may be able to lift a 25kgs suitcase with some difficulty, but try lifting a carton weighing 200kgs! This is not the case with your mind. Your intellectual self is boundless and expresses itself in the dreams you see of a beautiful future for yourself and all those you care for. Your only limit is what you can imagine.

What can’t you imagine? Go wild. Imagine whatever you will. Your future is like a blank canvas, draw on it whatever you like. I can see you wandering off in all sorts of directions in your mind…At this very moment, you might be imagining driving your car, say a Corolla, to work. You suddenly decide to take off and head straight for the moon; or better still, you see yourself as having eliminated poverty, or having made a significant contribution to taking world literacy rate to 100%, or having found a cure to all the diseases that plague humanity, including AIDS! Idealistic? But that’s ok! You have just enjoyed your capacity to fantasize.

On a more serious note, sincerely imagine a future you deeply care for and passionately desire; take personal responsibility for making it happen; put a timeline to it; make your vision public; and be willing to be held accountable for the outcomes you produce. This is the beginning of your journey to making your life better – the essential step that takes you from dreaming to succeeding.

To imagine your future state with sincerity, with responsibility and by allowing sufficient time for the desired results to manifest in your life, takes confidence. You can expand your thoughts by first developing your confidence. This comes when you start believing in yourself and in your infinite potential.

You can make a big difference, but this fact will remain a cliché, unless you take practical steps to make the small changes you need to make in your thinking, starting now!