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Fastest Growing Small Business Sectors

Fastest Growing Small Business Sectors

By Hira Amin

They say good things come in small packages. I say, they are right. We all are taught how small steps can sometimes make all the difference and pave the way towards something big and great.
Similarly, in business, exploring the small sectors or the niche areas in the market not overly populated by competitors can do the trick. It is true that all the giant, successful businesses today were once the small ventures. In order to make it big some day, you got to start small. Don’t wait to get noticed.

This article will take you through various ideas in small business setups that are aptly growing today. Ideas that young, ambitious entrepreneurs might want to consider as a future venture.

Online Clothing line

This is by far the fastest growing area and a favorite among the young people. What could be more convenient for individuals than buying clothes, shoes, etc online and receiving their order at their doorstep simply through the click of the mouse. In addition, the paying ‘cash on delivery’ option is a smart move given fraud can be kept in check. It surely cuts down the major hassle of wasting precious hours at the shopping malls. Yes, there are a lot of lazy people out there who will take the shape of your potential target market. The trend of online shopping is a new concept in Pakistan and is seen to be blooming in comparison to overseas where online businesses are quite popular and are part of their lifestyle.

Cakes/ Cupcakes

This one may already be in your neighborhood. Having a home bakery with all the sweet delicacies ranging from red velvet, chocolate chip, fudge to butter cream cakes and cupcakes all set to be collected by the customers at your doorstep. The manufacturing part of which would all take place in your very own kitchen. Talk about the luxury of convenience. This small business idea comes with minimal risk given you were the kid who was a major hit at the school/college bake sales. Yes, this could work if you really know your baking.
Precision and speed comes with experience. So pull up your sleeves and turn your cake batter into a unique selling proposition with a name that they keep repeating over at birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers and tea parties.

Tailor On Wheels

All women can relate to bad experiences with tailors. We all have that one interesting story to tell about a time before the big mehndi, grand family dinner or Eid – the nightmare of every woman indeed to get a beautiful dress ruined or a dress not made in time. This particular business idea could save all the women folk from their worries and would certainly attract a massive customer base. The thought behind this one is to hire a tailor who will come at the respective customer’s doorstep; he will collect the order, sew and deliver thus avoiding the hassle and keeping the style and demands of the customers in check. A stitch in time surely does save nine!


Nowadays pursuing designing as a profession is in vogue. All around us we see new names of designers budding from bridal wear to prêt-à-por•ter lines. Buying trendy clothes, bags and accessories never gets out of fashion. There is one thing they all know; the market for this one will only grow bigger in size. Investing in such a business surely pays you back in handsome amounts, there’s no denying the fact. Once people associate with the brand name successfully, they will purchase your products for a lifetime without the second blink of an eye. However, there is just one key point to remember that will make you sell; how do you ‘distinguish’ your brand from others and what makes it so unique that it should bring about customer influx.

Take H n H Designers, for example, it solely focuses on making handmade products (handwoven and hand embroidered wallets, mobile covers, quran covers) with no compromise on quality whatsoever. The products showcase intricacy and finesse.

Home Delivery Service

Imagine a world where there is a home delivery service system for everything from everyday use small items such as groceries, mobile cards, milk to bigger items like home necessities (cutlery, linen, kitchen appliances, beddings, furniture, etc). This would surely hit a score with all the housewives who are homebound. No more pestering the husbands and the ‘kaam walas’. Who doesn’t appreciate convenience? All you require would be an effective and efficient logistics team and a proper mechanism to monitor the ease of transaction from the moment you get notified from customers till the time you deliver it to their homes.