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Rooting for the Environment since 2014

Brewing the idea

Paper and trees, that’s how it all started out. You might be surprised as to how an idea of a technology startup originated from papers and trees but honestly that’s how we got the idea for EveryCatalog. We noticed that every year a million trees are cut down just for the production of papers for catalogs. Catalogs that otherwise serve no long term usage and are disposed. So we started working on digital catalogs, which lead to mobile catalogs and eventually mobile applications. And now we take pride in ourselves into being the only startup that empowers its users with a mobile application immediately after they signup.

Target Audience

Technically any business that can showcase its products in a catalog is our potential client.However, among the large number of businesses that fall under this category, we at EveryCatalog primarily aim to target businesses in the following industry categories:

  • Textile
  • Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Interior Design/ Furnishing
  • Custom Design Products/ Handicrafts

Unique selling point

We can empower any brand with a mobile application within a minute. How is that for unique? The mobile applications are capable of delivering a full e-commerce platform where seller can exhibit their products and buys after downloading the seller’s application and can order products, share or bookmark for later in the most customer friendly manner. We have envisioned the future of online business and made it easily accessible to everyone. Apart from that our model is 100% environmentally friendly and we believe we are contributing to a better environment by reducing the use of paper. Let me tell you something interesting, we don’t even print invoices.

The key to success is accepting challenges

I think the biggest problem we have faced so far is good skilled human resources. Firstly, it is very difficult to find good resources and even when we do they are not skilled enough to just start with the requirements of the job. For this challenge what we did was we started a small training institution that trains individuals and employees. The same technical team that is working on our platform also provides trainings at the institution and hence we are recruiting and developing our own talent. Secondly, our masses are very price conscious but not value conscious. During our initial sales we realized that people just don’t understand the value EveryCatalog, they just can’t see that how beneficial it can be for them in the future. When we discussed EveryCatalog with international companies they would get excited and go for it immediately but locally despite the telecom revolution people just don’t see the value in investing in mobile applications. What we have decided is to initiate the awareness campaigns to counter this challenge in 2016.
Feedback from the community/customers

We have pitched EveryCatalog to industrial giants, social entrepreneurs, mentors, business developers, digital marketeers, creative consultants and small business owners; everyone loved the idea and concept, even if they didn’t purchase an account for themselves. As for the customers, they cannot be happier with EveryCatalog. Of course every once in a while we face a new bug or malfunction in our system but with priority support and 100 transparency in our processes they don’t worry about anything. Lastly, we like to think our customers are the real drivers of innovation and hence every new feature in EveryCatalog is actually a suggestion by a customer.

Advice that counts for would-be entrepreneurs

To be honest we are not in any position to give advice at this point. However if there is one thing that we have learned from our experience, that is to never stop innovating and always revolve around the problem of your customers. Ask yourself everyday if your product or solution is making the lives of your customers easier and your will have a defined path to success.