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Echo Records Inception

Ali Ashraf 01

Ali Ashraf is the CEO at Echo Records

“As soon as I finished recording my first album Paheli, I was super excited. A dream had finally come true and I just couldn’t wait to share it with the world. But as I stepped out to look for someone to release the album, a very harsh and cruel reality presented itself. It was the absence of a proper record label that would take an album and distribute it in Pakistan.

Due to many reasons, an industry that was supplying content frequently got lost somewhere creating a huge void for artists all over Pakistan to get their music heard. Since then the album was tagged “Coming Soon” indefinitely while I was looking for ways to launch it by pitching to sponsors to generate funds for digital and physical release of the album… For any artist, physical distribution through CDs is as important as Digital Distribution.

To meet both requirements and personalize a listener’s experience, I developed a music app for those who want to stay connected with my music. For the CDs, I teamed up with Delivery Ten; a courier service, for home delivery of the CD through phone or web order. Revenue through music is still a perplexing issue and the only recourse for an artist is sales through physical distribution.

This entire ordeal/exercise got me to develop this platform of Echo Records (ER). Through ER, I hope to provide all upcoming musicians a reach to their music rather than simply getting lost in portals.”

What We Do

ER’s value proposition is not only to provide an end to end platform for music fraternity but to foster, nurture, scale and mentor all upcoming artists. In order to do so, ER specializes in development of high end audio and visual production along with digital and physical distribution of that content all around the world.


How We Do It

By “curating” the talent, niche, genre and vision of the artist, we provide means for that expression to reach its audience through well produced songs, music videos and live shows.

A team of highly qualified and experienced music producers, music video directors, brand image developers and marketers is present for artist development and promotion.