9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad



Whether you are in business, academia, politics, philanthropy, entertainment, media, or sports; without the following 7 components, peak performance will remain a dream. These elements will allow you to unleash your performance potential and deliver outstanding results – consistently.


Clarity on what you want to accomplish is critical. You must have a clear vision of your performance in your mind.1


If you skip the groundwork, everyone will eventually know that. Effective preparation will allow you to be at your very best. You create victory in your mind way before you actually get there. What you imagine and visualize with robustness, becomes real.


Your self-confidence is the ultimate armament. If you lose confidence, all time invested in preparations will go down the drain. An unwavering belief in yourself and your purpose will lift your confidence.

 4. 2DRIVE

Drive is your inner life force that empowers you to face the challenges that others normally run away from. Your drive determines your level of motivation and gives you the energy to pursue your goals with focus and engagement.



At times the difference between two equally talented and gifted players in an athletic competition is the intensity. Whether it’s a business or sports, your intensity will always pay off. Intensity keeps your passion alive, despite setbacks, failures and obstacles.

4 6. FOCUS

Focus gives you the edge of pure concentration and ability to handle disruptions. The focus allows you to master your emotions and get the most from each feeling and experience.



To win the game of life, you have to be mentally tough. Mental toughness helps you build unshakable self-belief, concentration and single-mindedness. Mental and emotional toughness permits you to have meaningful and positive self-talk that builds the fortitude and spiritual connection required to beat the circumstances and secure victory.

It’s hard to beat a people who never gives up.

– Babe Ruth –


TIE Lahore Chapter, a non-profit organisation fostering entrepreneurship worldwide hosted an event on Innovation in Energy-IOT at Royal Palm on August 26, 2016. TIE Lahore Chapter was founded in 2002 with the efforts of Syed Babar Ali. TIE Lahore focuses on fostering entrepreneurial culture among the young generation. It also provides mentoring and coaching to new entrepreneurs and organises discussion forums for various entrepreneurship ideas.

The keynote speaker for the program was Mr. Nadeem Babar who is a senior executive with extensive experience in power generation, infrastructure, finance, and education. He has managed a number of power plants and is also active in public sector development. Mr.Masroor Khan was the moderator for the event. Mr. Masroor Khan has been connected to the financial sector for the past 25 years. It is to his credit that a number of large projects leading to development of high quality products and services were undertaken and successfully completed.

Three startups participated in the panel discussion who discussed their venture. The startups were Wattie,Pakshine and Jaan Pakistan. Wattie is a smart energy monitor which is installed in electricity distribution box.It connects to internet and sends real-time energy consumption data to our back-end infrastructure where the data is processed and deep action-able insights are generated which can be translated into tangible benefits. Pakshine is a LUMS-based startup that has developed a product that can convert any existing UPS into a solar hybrid UPS to make solar energy affordable for wider market segments. Jaan Pakistan is a social startup with a mission to provide affordable energy solutions to low-income communities.

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The moderator for the panel was Mr. Attique Ahmed. He passionately believes in technology which empowers customer experience. He has 15 years of experience in audio/video industry and has expertise in mechanical engineering. The event added value towards possible solutions towards energy crisis. Mr. HumayunMazhar, President TIE Lahore Chapter shared the future road map for the chapter.

The event ended on high note with active participation from the relevant industry, startups, incubators and accelerators. They applauded the efforts and greatly appreciated the format of the program.


KITE Oslo Start-up Challenge brings you the opportunity to accelerate your business in Oslo, for a month, with all expenses paid.

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Lahore, Pakistan-August 12, 2016-

Pakistan has been into existence since long sixty-nine years. The country has been moving towards new, innovative scientific advancements but it has yet to come in alignment with other progressing countries.

Our youth searches for ample opportunities seeking a unique platform. Plan9 – PITB’s Tech Incubator being the largest technology incubator does exactly that & caters to the changing demands and needs of young individuals. The more confidence and motivation the younger generation has, the more the country will move towards growth and prosperity. “For quite some time now, Pakistan has produced exceptional startups who have raised considerable investment. Our aim is to bring them together on one stage so they may help motivate and inspire budding entrepreneurs. –Umar Saif, Chairman PITB.

To celebrate the festivities of Pakistan’s independence, Plan9 held an event, ‘Pakistani Startups Making Waves’ powered by ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Program to celebrate the success of our local entrepreneurs who have contributed to the growing success & brilliance of Pakistan.

Plan9 brought together a star studded panel of five renowned and self-esteemed individuals; Suneel Munj representing Pakwheels.com, Husnain Sheikh Chairman & CEO inov8, Monis Rahman, Chairman ‘Naseeb Networks’ representing rozee.pk, Qasif Shahid from Finja and lastly Imran Ali Khan, Co-founder Zameen.com. These individuals gave the audience an insight on their entrepreneurial journey and how strategically they moved to raise funding for their early initiatives. The panel was moderated by Nabeel A. Qadeer, Director Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, PITB.

Monis Rehman: Investors invest in you, your team, your people.

“You get sales, people see your growth, you get investments which is the secret sauce”

“Sales is most important for your startup. Build a product that works”

Husnain Sheikh:

“Inov8 was a failure till 2008. We persevered,you have to get through the tough times”

“Unless you fail, I don’t think you can succeed. It’s how you reinvent yourself.”

Qasif Shahid: FinTech on phones will make online payments much more easier-

FinTechs will come out on top”

Suneel Munj: Its all about sales and revenue!

Making some rupees is better than stating millions on an excel sheet

“For most of us sales is a 0 sum game, for me sales is a positive sum game”

“Give your #brand a personality”- Humayun Haroon shared his Patari music journey

Our alumni startups Patari, Car Butlers, Car Chabi, Wifigen, Transparent Hands, Mezaaj, Vivid Technologies and Affordable.pk also took the stage to give the audience a glance at how they started from scratch and where they are today. Registrations started flowing in abundantly and it was an event attended by some of the very best names of the industry. So don’t miss out on the next opportunity to get some amazing insight and ideas in the field of entrepreneurship and be sure to grab a seat at any upcoming event. Catch all the updates of the event on the following links:



Founded by a brilliant female entrepreneur, BeautyHooked, an on line  platform to connect women with beauty services and online bookings at  beauty salons, has secured a seed round from Fatima Ventures, a local s  seed-stage fund supported by Fatima Group. The seed fund amounts to  $280,000 which is the first time ever in Pakistan to be achieved by a  women-led startup.

IMG_2960 Since its founding in 2015, BeautyHooked has been gaining tremendous  traction, catering to a market based primarily in Lahore for now. The  beautyHooked team is comprised of Sahr Said who is the face of the  company, Sidra Talha, the head of operations and Abdullah Ahmed who  has developed the entire technology of the company. After winning  Startup Weekend Lahore in first place, the startup was offered incubation  at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. Sahr attributes one of the success  factors of her company to Startup Weekend Lahore for helping her find a  team and to LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship for giving her idea the push it very much needed to kickstart and take her to the level she is at today.

Sahr Said, Founder and CEO of BeautyHooked, while commenting on the funding said, “We had investment offers from multiple investors but we went with Fatima Ventures because their strategic goals aligned with ours.” BeautyHooked being the first women-led startup to raise seed investment, Sahr commented that her vision is to empower women and while she did not have an example before her, she aims to be the light-bearer for others.

In addition to its plans to expand to other cities of Pakistan, BeautyHooked is also gaining traction internationally where a huge Qatari-corporate business has approached the business with plans for expansion in the Middle East.

About BeautyHooked

BeautyHooked is an ecommerce platform that allows women to find, book and review beauty appointments at salons and spas. It acts as an aggregator between customers and beauty businesses, allowing them to search and book best beauty services 24/7. The company was founded by Sahr Said in 2015 and was a part of the third cohort of The Foundation at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. You can know more about BeautyHooked from their website: Beautyhooked The founder, Sahr Said, can be reached at 0321-8235570

About LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE) is Pakistan’s most comprehensive experiential development platform for budding entrepreneurs that formalizes the process of scouting, grooming and facilitating passionate startup founders. Gust and Fundacity recently rated LCE the #1 accelerator in Pakistan and #11 in Asia. Since its inception in May 2014, LCE has mentored over 130 entrepreneurs who have created over 400 direct jobs and provided better economic and livelihood opportunities for thousands more. LCE graduates have already generated PKR 200 Million in revenues and are valued at PKR 1.5 Billion backed by approximately PKR 150 Million in investment capital by local and foreign investors. 


No one can deny the talent and potential of young Pakistani startups. Patari, Pakistan’s largest Pakistani music streaming platform, just grabbed the 2 nd position at World Startup Cup 2016.

Now, six startups from the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)’s technology accelerator, Plan X, will be traveling to USA for taking part in the “ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Exchange Program”. This program will be held at Austin, Texas.

The 6 lucky startups are:

1. Affordable.pk (a marketplace for fashion followers)

2. Babyplanet (an e-commerce website dealing with baby accessories)

3. BookMyUmrah (an information portal that provides details of travel, flights, and stay for Umrah)

4. ClubInternet (a technology and education website that seeks to provide basic Internet services to everyone)

5. MangoBaaz (an online entertainment and information platform)

6. Virgin Teez (a marketplace for customized t-shirts with a charitable cause)

This entrepreneurship program is a joint effort by Plan9 and city of Austin for promoting startups and providing them with an environment for growth. For getting selected, a startup will need to submit an evaluated application and a series of interviews conducted by the Plan X panel.

However, before selection, startups have to meet the following requirements to be eligible for the program:

i. The startup should be globally scalable and must have a functional technology product or service.

ii. There should either be a source of revenue for the startup or a large user-base.

Under this program, six startups are selected after a period of six months each. After selection, the startups are sent to the Texas incubator in Austin for mentoring and training. The main is to provide startups with the chance to access funding and advisers from global sources. It will provide these startups with international exposure and the chance to grow globally as well. The program will provide a funded and well-equipped workspace for these startups so that they can improve on their products and/or services. They will also have the opportunity for networking and attracting investors for funding the startups.

The six selected startups will be traveling to Austin in October, later this year. This is the second group that is being sent, as part of the ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Program. Application for the third cohort will start in November 2016. Interestingly, the award winning Patari was one of the startups that were part of the first group of the ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Exchange Program.


LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Ilm Ideas 2 and Techstars, organized a themed Startup Weekend event at LUMS to scout and support innovators looking to address the enrollment, retention and learning outcome challenges in the education sector of Pakistan. The event started on Friday evening, August 5, with Dr. Zartash Afzal Uzmi, LUMS faculty member and facilitator for Startup Weekend Lahore, commencing the proceedings and opening remarks presented by Shahida Saleem, Team Lead Pakistan Education Innovation Fund (Ilm Ideas 2). From among the 130 participants of the Start Weekend, a total of 63 startups made their elevator pitches to the audience on Friday evening. 19 startups were shortlisted to continue with the competition and mentoring support for the rest of the weekend.

Participants worked tirelessly throughout the weekend including the nights with a passion that was palpable. Through Saturday until Sunday evening, successful business people and educators came in to mentor and coach the startups and help them polish their business models, financials and even presentations. The hard work of all the teams culminated on Sunday, August 7, where all the 19 shortlisted teams pitched in front of a panel of judges comprising of Khurram Zafar, Abid Malik, Faisal Bari, Izza Farrukh, Shahida Saleem, Imran Sarwar and Gauher Aftab.

Ilmistan, an online platform for teachers training won the competition. Keep Schools Safe, a startup focused on imparting disaster preparedness training to schools, came in second. According to the founders, there are hundreds of thousands of kids whose education suffer because of disruptions caused by natural disasters and people-caused incidents in Pakistan. Edu Care, a startup formed by students of Namal University that aims to build an online networking platform to connect students in any part of the country with volunteer tutors and coaches, came in third. The founders of Educare dedicated the win to the generous donors of Namal University that enabled them to seek good education and gave them the confidence to start their own ambitious venture. The Audience Favorite vote went out to SS Gamification, a team who is working on gamifying social sciences subjects in schools.

Addressing the participants of the Startup Weekend, Shahida Saleem of Ilm Ideas 2 said, “You all blew me away! Your energy, your passion and your commitment is infectious and I believe that a lot of social enterprises we saw develop over the weekend will play a pivotal role in providing 25 million out of school children access to good education.”

The winning team and the top two runners up are offered guaranteed incubation at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship while all other participants were encouraged to apply for incubation for the 6th batch of LCE through the online application process.

About Startup Weekend Lahore:

Startup Weekend Lahore is the Lahore chapter of the global Startup Weekend event held at LUMS every year. The event is backed by Google for Entrepreneurs, .CO and TechStars and is a 54-hour event that brings together enthusiastic and driven budding entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups leading to the path of launching successful ventures.

About LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship:

LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE) is Pakistan’s most comprehensive experiential development platform for budding entrepreneurs that formalizes the process of scouting, grooming and facilitating passionate startup founders. Gust and Fundacity recently rated LCE the #1 accelerator in Pakistan and #11 in Asia. Since its inception in May 2014, LCE has mentored over 130 entrepreneurs who have created over 400 direct jobs and provided better economic and livelihood opportunities for thousands more. LCE graduates have already generated PKR 200 Million in revenues and are valued at PKR 1.5 Billion backed by approximately PKR 150 Million in investment capital by local and foreign investors. More about LCE at: https://lce.lums.edu.pk and http://www.facebook.com/lumscent and http://www.twitter.com/lumscent

About Ilm Ideas 2:

Ilm Ideas 2, supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), provides a platform for the generation, piloting and scaling up of innovative solutions to address critical education challenges in Pakistan. Phase 2 of the program, launched in 2015, is managed by Cambridge Education, a member of the Mott MacDonald group. More about Ilm Ideas 2 at: http://www.ilmideas2.pk/ and https://www.facebook.com/IlmIdeas and https://twitter.com/IlmIdeas2


In order to give a head start to the young to-be entrepreneurs of the country, Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) has organized a fortnightly training program by the name of “Startup Boot Camp”. The first training session was launched on the 30th & 31st of July, 2016 (Saturday & Sunday).

This two day weekend program for student entrepreneurs comprises of  training modules, practical activities,  interactive discussions,  networking, lunch, tea and certificates.

 The five training modules are as follow:

  1.  Evaluating and Prioritizing Business Opportunities
  2.  Market Research
  3.  Selling and Promotions Plan
  4.  Resources Required in Building a Startup
  5.  Financial Considerations

10 student entrepreneurs participated in the first boot camp session. Some of their business ideas were:

  • An engineering solutions firm for oil and gas companies
  • A women skill development center
  • Educational trainings in Gilgit Baltistan
  • Online tuition center for kids
  • Falooda

Over the course of two days, the students were thoroughly trained on the know-hows of starting a business. Three startup founders from the industry also shared their personal and professional experiences with the participants. They were:

  1. Shahid Rana (Founder – Delivery Ten)
  2. Ali Qasim (Founder – KnowWhere Solutions)
  3. Nasir Ayub (Spectra Trainings)

The 2nd Boot Camp Session will be held on the 20th & 21st of August, 2016 (Saturday & Sunday). This is going to be one thrilling weekend, with   lots of fun and learning.