9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad



Before you hire your first employee, you have to make sure your business is ready and you’ve got all the human resource and legal information under your belt so you ...
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A ‘franchisor’ is a person who intends to franchise his business by selling out the franchises while the person who buys these franchises is known as the ‘franchisee’. So, that ...

When you hear the word ‘entrepreneur’, you often think of a famous individual, out there battling the odds to get their opportunity off the ground.
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An executive in a knowledge organization is making decisions every day. The nature and scope of these decisions vary from small approvals to making strategic long-term choices.
2. Managing Your Family Business

Interview with Managing Director SHIELD Corporation ‘Care’ is the core of spirit, which has made Shield a recognized household name in Pakistan. This approach has been the cardinal element of ...