9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad

Business Planning


Your pitch is the only thing standing in the way of taking your business to the next level. You need to have a pitch that knocks the socks of the investors’ ...
Dr. Loarraine

I’ve been working for almost twenty years now with people trying to get new ideas for start ups off the ground. That includes undergraduate and postgraduate students from business schools ...
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Have you ever played football without having goalposts? During a training course, I once got the senior executives of a bank to try the experience of playing football without goalposts.

People often ask a question, “Why don’t you move to US or Europe and earn and grow much more than you’re doing here?” I tell them that this is a choice ...
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An executive in a knowledge organization is making decisions every day. The nature and scope of these decisions vary from small approvals to making strategic long-term choices.
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Meet the person who helped launch 206 successful startups; Mr. Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry. He is also the CEO of PIE (Pakistan Institute of Entrepreneurship) and the president of Computer society of Pakistan.

By Shahrukh Chaudhry Shahrukh Chaudhry, the man behind “Dealtoday.pk”. A growing online store in Pakistan. His marketing primarily revolves round Facebook; the only medium which has a sizeable audience in ...

By Muhammad Farrukh Mehmood First of all you start with WHAT your product is all about. Then you define WHO your target market is. What are their demographics? Preferences? Is ...