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BETTER BODIES – Health & Fitness


So you want to lose weight, wish to complete or simply just want to healthier? Do come over to one of the finest gymnasiums in the country!

Located in the lush business hub of blue area Islamabad, Better bodies- health and fitness is Pakistan’s first injury rehabilitation & physiotherapy facility, complete with one of its kind gym.

The establishment caters to the advanced athletes as well as newcomers for weight training, cardio, mixed martial arts, yoga, Cross fit, general fitness classes and specially designed fitness programs for the ladies.Page 19

Bettherbodies – Health & Fitness uses training, as a unique rehabilitation tool for curing depression, drug abuse & addiction, illness and self-image related to fitness. It is helping to inculcate fitness, as a answer to a healthy mind and body, as well as physical and mental healing.

This is what sets it apart. It is a “Fitness Revolution”, a “Fitness Entrepreneurship”, A better lifestyle!

A unique concept introduced by Dr. Imran khan; a doctor of the health management, an entrepreneur, former professional sportsman and a PhD with specialization in injury rehabilitation.

The impressive clientele consists of entrepreneurs, business executives, diplomats and even celebrities from Pakistan’s showbiz industry. But beware! This is not your Average Joe gym. This is one hardcore establishment, catering serious fitness aficionados.

Better bodies offers personal one-to-one training & guidance from the professional athletes with profound body building knowledge and fitness expertise. The session is complete with a training regimen as per body type, a complete nutrition as well as supplementation plan.

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Hassan Mahmood is the young ideologue of the fitness Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He’s professional fitness, diet fat loss and performance optimization consultant, and the manager & chief instructor at Better bodies Health & Fitness.

A graduate of FAST School of Management Islamabad, Hassaan has been junior Mr. Capital Zone 2010, Junior Mr. Pakistan 2010 and Mr. Islamabad 2012.

He also offers online training and consultation and is a regular contributor to international fitness blogs. He has made numerous media appearances with respect to fitness blogs and bodybuilding and his online clientele spreads across 12 countries.