9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad

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Qaiser is helping world’s top multinational companies, governments, educational institutes, and non-profit organizations through his cutting-edge leadership teambuilding and coaching tools. Qaiser has coached superstars of sports, movies, media, science and business. His over 200 clients include fortune 500 companies like Unilever, Philip Morris, World Bank, WHO, Nestle, Total, P&G, Coca Cola, Gillette, 3M, L’Oreal, OMV, GE, Monsanto, Schlumberger, Reckitt-Benckiser and US Embassy.

Whether you are in business, academia, politics, philanthropy, entertainment, media, or sports; without the following 7 components, peak performance will remain a dream. These elements will allow you to unleash your performance ...

Written by Qaiser Abbas Whether it is the recent fallout from the war against terror or a series of other emergency situations that our country has dealt with in the ...
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Have you ever played football without having goalposts? During a training course, I once got the senior executives of a bank to try the experience of playing football without goalposts.
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Each one of us craves for living a life filled with abundance, meaning and fulfillment. This life eludes the majority of us. Yet, some of us actually dare to take ...