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Almas Exports: Of Excellence Awards & Golden People


By Asghar Azmi
Bureau Chief Startup Karachi

With their craftsmanship roots dating back before the partition of Subcontinent, Almas Exports is a pioneer of excellence awards designing in Pakistan. Startup magazine had a light chat with the founders of Almas Exports and discussed their ideology on the excellence awards for the corporate clients.

Startup: What’s your excellence awards craft philosophy?logo

Almas: This philosophy is derived from a notion of appreciating the Golden People by awarding them a gold medal, coin, emblem & souvenir in respect to their long service excellence awards for the respective company.

Startup: Please tell us about your designs & styles; an array of your products line. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

Almas: Almas gained its unique & adorn styles back in the 70’s by following the latest designs and blending in with a classic touch of Art Nouveau using the precious gems and metal. As of now, Almas designs & name is a patent trademark for the precious metal lover to collect and feel precious. Corporate usage of precious metal in terms of gold medals or emblems gave this industry a new avenue by appreciating their employees by distributing them on their long service excellence awards as a good will gesture to make them feel precious and valuable as good as Golden People.

Startup: How craftsmanship, technology, design, production and customer service made you proficient awards manufacturer and designer in Pakistan?

Almas: Almas business roots dates back before the partition of the sub-continent, where the ancestors started the oldie method of craftsmanship and fulfilling the era’s requirement. But as time passed, technology & innovation gave this business a new trend of designing & experience, blending of metal and precious gems and producing on a mass scale fulfilling the bulk demand from the corporate sector for their employees long service excellence awards. These gold awards are as good as Cash, so corporate trends have changed in past few years to pursue awards for their company which sustain the price in the international market and mostly appreciate over time and feel special as well. This is the reason why we refer to the award winning people in any sector as “Golden People”.

Startup: As excellence awards designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Almas: It’s like an Olympian award winning inspiration! An athlete takes part in the competition and put his 100% effort of winning against his/her competitors. Similarly our inspiration derives from the award distribution ceremony and so do an athlete in every corporate sector is our deriving force for continuing betterment in design & excellence. Corporate sector is our main driving force to excel in this excellence awards designing.

Startup: Is Almas Exports offering its services through web existence and franchisee network?



Almas: Almas offer jewelry & corporate award services online at www.almasjewelers.com being a pioneer in Pakistan. Changing environment made us adapt this tool to cater our distance clients to view and place order online using a secure e-commerce services. Almas Certificate of Purity is a franchisee tool across Pakistan which can be used as an authentic source of transaction.

Startup: Have Almas Exports obtained certifications locally or internationally?

Almas: By the Grace of Almighty, Almas name is quiet prestigious when it comes to certifying the authenticity of any item subsequently. However, Almas has obtained ISO-9001-2008 on international standards and is also registered with PGJDC Pakistan Gems & Jewelry Development Company independent certifying/hallmarking body.

Startup: What are the upcoming trends in the excellence award industry of the country?

Almas: Changing trend of corporate excellence awards internationally and the lucrative gold price globally has forced the multinational companies to opt for gold medals or emblems for awarding a gift to their employee and vendor as part of their effort towards the benefit of the firm.

Startup: What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the custom made design business?

Almas: Integrity, ethics, trust & innovation are the key words to be practiced for a successful custom made design business.

Startup: What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?

Almas: Out of all the passionate work and special custom made products, a Coat Pin in branded custom design was a unique creation that Almas made for one of the multinational financial institution for their long service excellence award to their executive managers.

Startup: What’s next? What’s your vision for the future of Almas Exports?

Almas: To launch Almas Branded Gold Bars/Coins on international Swiss Gold Standards and achieve international recognition in terms of authenticity and purity.