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Accelerate Your Startup in OSLO


KITE Oslo Start-up Challenge brings you the opportunity to accelerate your business in Oslo, for a month, with all expenses paid.

KITE-OSLO Startup Challenge is a startup competition for entrepreneurs who are willing to accelerate by getting a chance to be incubated in Oslo for a month, all expenses paid. KOSC offers extensive support from a broad business network, pro-bono development services, meeting potential investors, pitching at the Oslo Innovation Week and showcasing your product to the world.
What Do You Get?
— Experience & learn from the Oslo Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.
— Incubation at STARTUP LAB, Oslo for a month long accelerator program. All expenses will be paid
— Pitch at Oslo Innovation Week and showcase your product to the world.
— Mentorship from top global entrepreneurs
— Pro-bono development services
— Meeting potential investors

Are you an entrepreneur? Get the chance to ACCELERATE your startup in Oslo!
Register Today: http://bit.ly/kosc16
Deadline: 5th Sept 2016