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8 Habits of Mentally Tough People


1. They are confident

With confidence, you have won before you have started.
 —Marcus Garvey—

Tough people have the notion of succeeding because they are positively confident about it. According to a study conducted at the University of Melbourne, it was proved that confident people earned higher salaries and got promoted quickly.

2. They embrace change

Mentally tough people are flexible. They are seen constantly adapting to the shifting scenarios and situations in their surroundings, hence they easily accept and conform to change. They have an open mind and identify the opportunities that the change agent brings.

BSJ-Mental-Toughness-426x2503. They embrace failure

The road to success is paved with failures of all kinds greeting you at every end, slowing you down. Mentally tough people know this but instead of letting these failures define them, they persevere and rise above. No one ever experienced greater success without overcoming failure. It is failures that push your limits and make you think differently.

4. They don’t dwell on mistakes

Mentally tough people don’t get fixated on mistakes or the problems that they are faced with because they know it causes nothing but stress and prolongs negative emotions.

5. They won’t let anyone limit their happiness

Mentally tough people are the master of their own happiness. They don’t go on making comparisons with others to define and determine their satisfaction. Also, they don’t require validation from others regarding what pleases them.

images 6. They are emotionally intelligent

They say if you can master emotional intelligence, you become mentally  tough. Emotional intelligence is the keystone, know this. Mentally tough  people understand and tolerate negative emotions and put them to use to  achieve productive outcomes.


7. They neutralize toxic people

Mentally tough people keep their emotions in check. When they encounter toxic people, instead of adding fuel to the fire by getting frustrated, they exhibit rationality.

8. They say ‘no’

They make sure that when they are saying ‘yes’ to people, they are saying ‘yes’ to themselves. Mentally tough people say a ‘no’ straight up because it is healthy. They don’t want to say ‘yes’ to please people and regret it later. They also demonstrate self control by avoiding impulses that bring them harm.

Are you mentally tough?