9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad

7 Values of an Entrepreneur

If the government is serious enough to provide employment to the youth of Pakistan, then they should strengthen entrepreneurship. Startup met with Nayatel’s CEO and co-founder, Mr. Wahaj-us-Siraj, to learn what it takes to remain a step ahead of the rest.

The root cause of small business success or failure is not due to a lack of knowledge or capital; it is due to a poor fit between the owner and the chosen venture. The successful entrepreneur always enjoys a good relationship with the business. Nayatel is one such fine example. In July 2002, a trio of government employees came together to form Micronet Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd. (MBL), Pakistan’s first broadband service. Four years later, in a very saturated market, the MBL team leveraged their rich experience and expertise of broadband and took a step that would put it one step ahead of the rest.

In September 2006, Nayatel, a sister concern of MBL, launched South Asia’s first fiber to the home (FTTH)/fiber to the user (FTTU) network in Islamabad. This initiative, which has the potential to cater for bandwidth requirements for the next few decades and take care of the growing telecommunication needs of the customers, transformed the federal capital into one of the most connected and optically wired cities of the world.

The Vision

Nayatel aims to become a role model of trust, to set highest quality standards and to add value to the society.

The Challenge

When asked about the challenges Nayatel is facing today, Mr. Wahaj said that they are facing the same problems as the rest of the country, such as power outages, unfriendly business environment, and economic turmoil in the last 5 years. This eventually hurts the entrepreneurs, and leads to massive unemployment.

The Government

Entrepreneurs are the ones who create job opportunities for others, therefore if the government is serious enough to provide employment to the youth of Pakistan, then they should strengthen entrepreneurship, fix the energy crisis, lay a strong economic infrastructure and ensure that law and order prevails in the country. In return, the enterprises should also play their due role in helping the economy grow.

Nayatel is a focused company, driven by the following 7 set of values and objectives. These 7 values are the basic fundamentals for any entrepreneur to succeed in his/her respective field: “Honesty, Mannerism, Simplicity, Hard work, Knowledge, Sacrifice, Discipline”

Future Plans

In the next 5 years, the company aims to become the largest fiber to the home (FTTH) company by expanding its operations in 9 to 10 major cities of the country. Nayatel sees itself as the leading broadband, cable TV, telephone and data services to home and business customers.

If not an entrepreneur, then

When asked if he was not an entrepreneur, what would he would be, Mr. Wahaj candidly responded that he would’ve been in any government service, serving any ministry on top or middle level.