9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad

7 Ingredients of Peak Performance


Whether you are in business, academia, politics, philanthropy, entertainment, media, or sports; without the following 7 components, peak performance will remain a dream. These elements will allow you to unleash your performance potential and deliver outstanding results – consistently.


Clarity on what you want to accomplish is critical. You must have a clear vision of your performance in your mind.1


If you skip the groundwork, everyone will eventually know that. Effective preparation will allow you to be at your very best. You create victory in your mind way before you actually get there. What you imagine and visualize with robustness, becomes real.


Your self-confidence is the ultimate armament. If you lose confidence, all time invested in preparations will go down the drain. An unwavering belief in yourself and your purpose will lift your confidence.

 4. 2DRIVE

Drive is your inner life force that empowers you to face the challenges that others normally run away from. Your drive determines your level of motivation and gives you the energy to pursue your goals with focus and engagement.



At times the difference between two equally talented and gifted players in an athletic competition is the intensity. Whether it’s a business or sports, your intensity will always pay off. Intensity keeps your passion alive, despite setbacks, failures and obstacles.

4 6. FOCUS

Focus gives you the edge of pure concentration and ability to handle disruptions. The focus allows you to master your emotions and get the most from each feeling and experience.



To win the game of life, you have to be mentally tough. Mental toughness helps you build unshakable self-belief, concentration and single-mindedness. Mental and emotional toughness permits you to have meaningful and positive self-talk that builds the fortitude and spiritual connection required to beat the circumstances and secure victory.

It’s hard to beat a people who never gives up.

– Babe Ruth –