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6 Pakistani Startups Selected for a US Entrepreneurship Program


No one can deny the talent and potential of young Pakistani startups. Patari, Pakistan’s largest Pakistani music streaming platform, just grabbed the 2 nd position at World Startup Cup 2016.

Now, six startups from the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)’s technology accelerator, Plan X, will be traveling to USA for taking part in the “ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Exchange Program”. This program will be held at Austin, Texas.

The 6 lucky startups are:

1. Affordable.pk (a marketplace for fashion followers)

2. Babyplanet (an e-commerce website dealing with baby accessories)

3. BookMyUmrah (an information portal that provides details of travel, flights, and stay for Umrah)

4. ClubInternet (a technology and education website that seeks to provide basic Internet services to everyone)

5. MangoBaaz (an online entertainment and information platform)

6. Virgin Teez (a marketplace for customized t-shirts with a charitable cause)

This entrepreneurship program is a joint effort by Plan9 and city of Austin for promoting startups and providing them with an environment for growth. For getting selected, a startup will need to submit an evaluated application and a series of interviews conducted by the Plan X panel.

However, before selection, startups have to meet the following requirements to be eligible for the program:

i. The startup should be globally scalable and must have a functional technology product or service.

ii. There should either be a source of revenue for the startup or a large user-base.

Under this program, six startups are selected after a period of six months each. After selection, the startups are sent to the Texas incubator in Austin for mentoring and training. The main is to provide startups with the chance to access funding and advisers from global sources. It will provide these startups with international exposure and the chance to grow globally as well. The program will provide a funded and well-equipped workspace for these startups so that they can improve on their products and/or services. They will also have the opportunity for networking and attracting investors for funding the startups.

The six selected startups will be traveling to Austin in October, later this year. This is the second group that is being sent, as part of the ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Program. Application for the third cohort will start in November 2016. Interestingly, the award winning Patari was one of the startups that were part of the first group of the ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Exchange Program.