9 out of 10 ways of Rizq can be found in business - Prophet Muhammad

5 Ways to More Productive Days


Anything that slows you down comes in the way between you and your targets that need to be achieved. Let’s call it the elephant. It is huge and massive and it is blocking your path. It is trumpeting to distract you. It walks slow so you walk slow. We need to push him out of the way to get to the finish line. Take note of the following list to add more productive days to your calendar starting now.

images1. Plan your days the evening before

Take out 15 minutes to map out the following day’s agenda. Make this exercise a daily habit. It allows you to begin your day with a well-defined purpose and list the set of tasks that require your immediate attention.


2 2. Learn to delegate properly

Instead of piling up everything on your plate, adopt the practice of    delegating tasks whenever you can. Otherwise the pieces piling up will  come stumbling down and you will stay stuck in that rut of completing  those tasks.


3 3. Take full advantage of your mornings

Mornings set the pace for your entire day. Nothing quite like the  mornings when you are refreshed and booming with new ideas.  Take the benefit and devout your morning to the most rigorous  and challenging tasks. Get it done.


4 4. Schedule some ‘me-time’

When you work for continuous hours, it brings you  down,      stresses you out frequently and causes fatigue to  your body.  To  recharge, step away for a while and jump  back in with      more energy and get more done. Do  something that interests  you. Read. Listen to music.Pick a Hobby


5. De-clutter. Organize.

Whether it is your desk, your office space or the noise in your head. You need to get rid of things you do not need that are just occupying space and hen-pecking at your subconscious. Discard any clutter that no longer serves you. Tidy up so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.