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5 Free Stock Photo Websites

Issue 7 - 5 Free Stock Photo Websites

Ever tried searching for stock photos on the internet for marketing purposes and been disappointed? That’s because the stock photo market is largely owned by professional companies like Shutterstock or 123RF, and if you manage to find a stock photo for free, the resolution is too low, or the photo will be watermarked  rendering it useless.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of websites which provide high-quality stock photos for free or at a very low price:

Issue 7 - 5 Free Stock Photo Websites 1

1. Superfamous

A collection of pictures from Dutch artist Folkert Gorter and his graphic design peers, the website provides amazing high-resolution images. The only thing making it less than perfect is the lack of a search option.

Issue 7 - 5 Free Stock Photo Websites 2

2. Pixabay

With brilliant photos and no attribution requirement, this website is a designer’s dream.

Issue 7 - 5 Free Stock Photo Websites 3

3. Gratisography

Another website without an attribution requirement and very evocative images, this one was built by web designer and artist, Ryan McGuire.

Issue 7 - 5 Free Stock Photo Websites 4

4. FreeImages

This is probably one of the best free stock photo websites out there. While most sites feature on one category niche, FreeImages offers thousands of pictures in various categories and require attribution only sometimes.

Issue 7 - 5 Free Stock Photo Websites 5

5. FreeImages

Probably the simplest site on the list, this website allows you to scroll through photos uploaded by professional photographers and it perfect for designers looking for classy photos. Again, no attribution required.
Attribution: If you’re using a photo, explicitly cite the photographer.