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3 Fastest Growing E-commerce Websites in Pakistan


By Sameer Malik
Startup Contributor

Pakistan is one of the leading countries across the globe in terms of e-commerce growth and engagement at public level. The country has seen a huge number of e-commerce companies blooming in the past and many are yet to emerge in this part of the world. There has been an advent of e-commerce websites in a number of business sectors across Pakistan including online retail/purchase, automobiles sale/purchase, real estate buying/selling, online hotel booking, online cab booking a lot more. Today we are going to pen down three of the leading e-commerce websites in Pakistan and how they reached the height of success in the region:


Kaymu is undisputedly the largest and the most professionally managed online marketplace in Pakistan with millions of loyal customers and property acquired sellers. This online marketplace is backed by the world’s largest online internet incubator Rocket Internet and has its offices across the country, mainly in Lahore and Karachi. Kaymu is not to be confused with the online shopping stores such as Daraz.pk, Symbios.pk, MyShop.pk, HomeShopping.pk etc. It is in fact an online marketplace where you can purchase as well as sell your products. Kaymu was founded in 2012 and within a couple of years, it has set its feet firm in the Pakistan’s online shopping community as the leading marketplace. Kaymu has been mentioned by a number of local magazines and media groups as the fastest growing online shopping community in the country.



When it comes to purchasing and selling cars, motorbikes or any other automobiles online, PakWheels remains the largest and the oldest online portal in Pakistan. The website was founded in 2003 and over a period of nine years, it has grown in all directions. The website currently has above 300,000+ listed car and motorcycle fanatics and more than 18 million pages on this website are visited each month. Hanif Bhatti is the founder whereas Raza Saeed is the Chief Executive Officer of PakWheels followed by other highly skillful team. The website also offers a discussion forums where all the automobile enthusiasts share their experiences and views regarding all kinds of automobiles in Pakistan. PakWheels has been given a tough time by Carmudi.pk, OLX.com.pk and many other highly competitive websites in the recent past however it continues to prevail the list of online auto sites in the country.



Jovago.com is the first and one-of-kind properly managed online hotel booking guide in Pakistan. Although the globally renowned online hotel booking websites such as Booking.com, Agoda.com, TripAdvisor.com, Hotels.com etc. are also providing booking of Pakistan’s top hotels however Jovago.com has got almost the entire Pakistan covered by listing even the far-off and low-cost hotels in the country to completely facilitate those seeking accommodations online. This has made it highly convenient for the travelers and tourists of Pakistan to flawlessly manage their hoteling and travels. This mega portal is backed by Rocket Internet, which is the largest e-commerce incubator of the world with countless ventures across the globe.

Apart from these three mega e-commerce ventures, there has been an advent of several other e-commerce websites that promise to make Pakistan’s e-commerce industry boost further in the years ahead.

Featured Image Credits: Revistaitnow